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Netra discovers influential images of your brand on social in real-time







Answer key questions

  • Which images are getting the most engagement?
  • What consumers / influencers are organically engaging with our category / brand?
  • Can we secure rights to CGC / UGC that are trending?
  • Where / what context is our brand (or our competitors’ brand) appearing?
  • What unexpected ways are consumers using us (or our competitor)?
  • Can we find positive associations with our brand to help amplify the message?
  • Can we make Custom Audiences based on interests / brand preference shared within imagery for more effective social campaigns?

Netra analyzes the content
within brand images on social


Netra detects thousands of logos

at best-in-class accuracy*


Face detection and Age / Gender /

Ethnicity classification


Trained on over four-thousand

objects and scenes, with built-in

categorization hierarchy

* In a head-to-head test, Netra is 2-3X more accurate than two of its leading competitors in detecting brand logos while at >99.6% precision (N=6,984)

Monitor your brand health

using Netra’s proprietary AI technology developed at MIT

with best-of-breed accuracy in real-time

Monitor positive and negative trends

across social media in real-time

Tailor your message to a hyper targeted audience

tracking trending imagery of your Brand by location

  • Brands
  • Tags
  • Context
  • Humans
  • Platforms
  • Influencers


Mardien Drew

Head of Mobile and Incubation
Technologies at Kantar

After many months of testing and evaluating alternatives, we found Netra’s solution to be the most accurate and robust—and importantly, one that was built to work with Kantar’s existing processes.

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