Our mission

We believe humanity’s next stage of enlightenment will result from mastering the knowledge and gaining the wisdom contained in the rapidly growing library of complex modern content.

Organizations of any size can leverage Netra to create scaled understanding of their content so they can achieve their missions.

Our investors:

Meet the team

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Nate Woodman
Executive Advisor
Amit Phansalker
Co-Founder & CEO
Trip Foster
Executive Advisor
Shashi Kant
CTO & Founder
Cory Meyer
Vice President Of Product & Operations

Content comprehension as a service

Netra scales with your changing needs without missing a beat. Our technology is adept at supporting complex imagery and challenging sequences.

You can begin processing your content by integrating Netra API with just 13 lines of code. Integration is as simple as sending the content URL, file, or stream and our technology will deliver machine usable and  actionable insights.

Whatever the use case (Safety, Context, Objects or event tagging or video comprehension), Netra’s API's will take the headache of integrating for each use case. Netra's industry-leading AI platform democratizes access to sophisticated content comprehension and delivers it into the hands of fast-moving date science startups to Fortune 50 product teams.

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