The Comprehension Company

Netra is a content comprehension company. Our mission is to harness computer vision and artificial intelligence to illuminate the world's content, doing for visual content what search did for text.

Netra’s patented platform and products empower businesses to generate wisdom from all of their content by generating insight-rich organized data sets through context, segmentation, and similarity.

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The worlds content & knowledge are increasingly visual

Unlock the value of increasingly visual content to deliver wisdom and value

Visual content will soon have most of the world’s knowledge embedded in it. The key to realizing the untapped potential inside content is unlocking the deluge of insights and structuring data so that it can be provisioned into systems and models to build and capture value for businesses large and small.

Netra offers a series of APIs so that data scientists, developers and product teams can unlock the latent knowledge within video, image, and text content and systematically provision a consistent data taxonomy across a business's multiple use cases.

Netra's computer vision identifies many features of visual content

The Netra Difference

Netra API understands all visual content

Deeper understanding

Previously unattainable depths of insights into video content is finally possible using Netra’s API. Where other technologies are limited to tags with indecipherable insights, Netra intelligently x-rays videos to expose and integrate insights in a digestible format.

Netra's is platform-first

Platform First

Netra offers its platform via API to deliver analysis at scale with more efficiency, allowing businesses of all sizes and sectors to process video assets and make informed decisions.

Netra's flexible platform


Our patented, flexible API is designed to make the complexity of video analysis, accessible, and available for all of your applications.

Netra's Artificial Intelligence

Tomorrow’s Artificial Intelligence

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, our video-detection technology generates understanding of content previously only attainable by thousands of human viewers.