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The Video Challenge is Growing Every Day...

What Google did for search, Netra does for video. By solving the video comprehension problem better than anyone, our overall comprehension of content is stronger. By pairing video comprehension with Netra’s understanding of the other ‘atomic’ content (text, image, and audio) we can deliver total comprehension at a fidelity that was unattainable a few short years ago.

It's estimated that by 2022, 82 percent of the global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads 240 exabytes (equivalent to one billion gigabytes) of internet video will be consumed on a monthly basis in 2022 (up from 56 in 2017) short, the video understanding problem is growing exponentially each day

The next great barrier to unlocking human potential

Understanding the knowledge locked in video is the next great barrier to unlocking human potential is unlocked by Netra’s platform and approach.


API-based for easy use and deployment to a firm's appropriate systems of record.

Faceless platform

“Faceless platform” model delivers customers the best-of breed tech for content comprehension so they can focus on their business mission. Think of us as "Stripe for content comprehension"


Netra leverages its patent portfolio to deliver higher-fidelity classification and understanding  for 1/10th of the cost of most other computer vision offerings.

Broad Format Support

Netra can classify live stream content, file based content and URL based content to support a myriad of use cases across just about every industry.

How we deliver
our service

Better understanding in seconds

Netra scales with your changing needs without missing a beat. Our technology is adept at supporting complex imagery and challenging sequences.

You can begin processing your video by integrating Netra's API with just 13 lines of code. Integration is as simple as sending the video URL, file, or stream and our technology will deliver machine usable and actionable insights.

Whatever the use case (safety, context, object detection, event tagging, emotion or the highest fidelity video comprehension) Netra’s API endpoint takes the headaches out of integrating for each use case.

A Faceless Platform

What's a faceless platform?

From Ben Thomson at Stratechery:

“…in technology’s middle era the most important platforms will be faceless, empowering developers and artists and creators of all types to create completely new experiences on top of the best technology in the world, created and maintained and improved on by companies that aren’t competing with them, but partnering to achieve the scale necessary to accelerate the future.”

Why we are "faceless"

Powering understanding at scale

Our partners invest in Netra's platform to enhance the value of their content using one integration to power their products and deliver unprecedented value to their customers.

Our APIs

Content Classification API
Creative Classification API
LiveStream Classification API
Search & Similarity API

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