What is Total Content Comprehension?

How Total Content Comprehension (TCC) opens up PII-free monetization opportunities for publishers' high-value content assets

What is Total Content Comprehension (TCC)?

Conceptually, Total Content Comprehension (TCC) is the complete understanding of all the content on a page including text, audio, image, and video formats. The goal is to render a complete understanding of the environment to inform better buying and selling decisions. With Netra’s TCC, content is scanned and classified. A complete, comprehensive view of all available digitalized content is delivered to inform a range of decisions, from optimizing ad placement and pricing to maximizing content and media investments.

As the marketing industry transitions away from a cookie-reliant environment, attention has shifted towards investing in contextual targeting. But today's contextual solutions are limited to ‘yesterday’s tools’ of scanning text and metadata of static images or video, overlooking and inadequately acknowledging the rapid growth of content, sentiment, and audience-targeting embedded within visual content.

Netra is unique in its ability to scan imagery and video assets through our Computer Vision (CV) technology. We analyze all page elements, including extracting information embedded within video and image content. This information allows our partners to achieve Total Content Comprehension, unlocking opportunities for improved monetization and understanding of the content portfolio for sell-side partners and vendors. Buy-side partners also achieve breakthrough benefits by increasing the match of advertising creative attributes to the right content attributes. Using our patented CV, Netra delivers complete comprehension of the full depth of context within image and video assets through frame-by-frame analysis that uncovers and translates

  • IAB contexts
  • brand safety
  • objects
  • activities
  • places
  • emotions
  • affinities
  • celebrities
  • logos
  • ·brand archetype
  • personality archetypes

from in-depth video analysis using Artificial Intelligence.

Why do publishers need to invest in Total Content Comprehension (TCC)?

Antiquated contextual solutions are incomplete and inadequate if these tools cannot provide insight into publishers' most engaging content contained within image and video assets. Without CV, publishers leave untapped opportunities to monetize content and to create improved, higher-value audience and contextual targeting opportunities for their buy-side partners. Further, publishers that fail to use CV loe out on the opportunity to build custom contextual segments for brands that want to target specific image based objects or activities.

Ultimately, publishers attain an advantage when they are able to create an attractive brand and privacy-safe buying proposition for advertisers, particularly when brands are able to optimize against reliable, well-defined, and consistent quality inventory. With Netra’s TCC, content that may have been undervalued due to lacking taxonomies or confusing classifications is now in line with IAB standards and its true value is accessible in the market exchange.

How can publishers monetize investments in Total Content Comprehension?

  • Video content included in contextual targeting: video content is on track to consume up to 80% of internet traffic engagement for 2022. "First-frame" video scans and relying on inconsistent meta-data tags do not convey the true value and audience insights embedded within video content. To truly understand a video's value and its monetization opportunity, publishers need to understand the full extent of their assets' relevancy for accurate audience targeting and appropriate selling opportunities to buy-side partners.
  • Amplified first-party data that protects 'Personally Identifiable Information (PII): With the removal of cookies, publishers are now the gatekeepers to first-party data. But for most publishers, authentication rates are low. Publishers, however, have the opportunity to create anonymized audiences by amplifying their clean room matched first-party data into high-propensity segments based on contextual similarities. Through a richer understanding of the context that first-party audiences are viewing, and with a consistent content taxonomy that TCC delivers, the characteristics captured within first-party data can be extrapolated to broader, contextual  "look-alike" audience segments to deliver at scale for brands – without PII concerns.
  • Simplified standardization to align with industry advertising taxonomies: With TCC, publishers are no longer reliant on manual content tagging and categorization. With an automated, consistent taxonomy that aligns with IAB's standards, publishers ensure the value of their content portfolio through a scalable, consistent catalog to help guarantee quality for their buy-side partners.
  • Internal analysis on high-value content: Standardized taxonomies also open the doors to improved internal analytics on the content that generates the highest interest and attracts valuable audiences. Publishers, armed with this knowledge, can decision on which content investment to prioritize and how to monetize audience information best.

How do buy-side partners benefit?

  • Best-in-class brand safety: suitable and relevant content for advertisers is determined by analyzing the full extent of image and video content and a complete scan of frame-by-frame content for brand safety risks rather than relying only on text-based solutions and static imagery scan. Use of CV is regularly used to solve for the brand safety issues that many brands have with news content that traditionally performs very well. With Netra’s TCC, broadcast news content is classified as brand-safe so brands can leverage this content with more scale.
  • Consistent purchasing against a standard taxonomy across publishers: With TCC, advertising buyers can purchase from a consistent taxonomy across any publisher implementing Netra's technology. This allows for greater operating scale, improved analytics, and improved campaign optimization.
  • Reinforced relationships and collaboration with sell-side partners: with a consistent taxonomy and improved steps to automated buying, buy-side players are able to create a more seamless transaction process coupled with stronger analytics. Buyers and sellers are armed with better data to fully negotiate on maximizing the value of assets, aligning the right creatives to the right publisher content, and collaborating on creating high-value audience profiles.  

How to put TCC to work today?

Netra’s technology includes a full comprehension of the text and imagery on the page and extends further through our Computer Vision (CV) technology into the full depth of context within video assets through frame-by-frame analysis on content detection, brand safety, emotion, and affinity.

Our vision is to empower the industry to unlock the value within their content portfolios, provide relief and structured data classification, and empower media stakeholders to harness the massive amount of content created with each hour to turn it into an advantage…

If you are a media owner looking to maximize monetization in this period of transition to privacy-first activation, please reach out to us. We work with some of the biggest names in the industry and would enjoy speaking about how we can support your goals. If you are a brand looking to understand this new environment better, please get in touch. We can forward you to our publisher and vendor clients so you can test the benefits of buying with high fidelity classification with trusted partners.

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